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Education is for Everyone.
Learning is for Life. 

BluePoint Scholastic is a maritime educational consultancy that can support your maritime educational institution, your training unit, or your in-house training unit. In addition to educational institutions, we can support governments and governmental institutions when approving  maritime educations. We are specialized in supporting the management, supporting the teachers, and support in developing curricula and teaching material. 

We always approach a project with an open mind and carefully listen to our clients. This will support the growth and sustainability of your educational institution in the future. 

Educational Management Consulting

We support the management to ensure the educational institution is following STCW and the national laws and regulations in regard to teaching in the maritime field. We can also, help you with the Quality Management System, and advise you in the direction of getting an ISO 9001 certificate

Training of Teachers and Instructors

We can update your teachers and instructors on the newest didactics within education for adults as well as young adults. We will train your teachers and instructors how to be leading in their field.

We can run the IMO Training Course for Instructors, called the 6.09 course. 

Development of Courses and Educational Material

We can support you in developing course material for both classroom teaching as well as online teaching. We can also assist you in finding the latest teaching material within the maritime field. 

Student Support and Mentoring

We have a student support and mentoring program to help any students at an educational institution. We can help you as a student in your educational career, or if you are an educational institution we can help you set up student support an mentoring. 

Support Groups

Online Workshops and Seminars

We run online workshops and seminars, on a regular basis. You can take a look at our schedule and sign up through the page. If you are interested in running an online workshop for your department, please get in touch with us. 

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