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Educational Management Consulting

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The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership

As a manager of a maritime department, an educational institution, or an in-house training unit,  you often have your plate full. You must ensure the general management of your department is running smoothly, as well as supporting your teachers and instructors. It takes a great leader to lead his or her team. We can support you in leading your team, as well as supporting you regarding student affairs. It is important that there is a great emphasis on the students, as they are your prime client. 

It can be difficult to be up to date with the maritime laws regarding the maritime educational field. We can assist you in this area, and ensure that the institution is following IMO and that your academic curricula are mirroring the STCW and the IMO. We can also assist you in contacting the ministry, and guide you in how to get your education approved.

Furthermore, we can help your institution to be up to date with its Quality Management System. We have a QMS auditor, at BluePoint Scholastic, who is an ISO 9001-certified lead auditor, so we are specialists within this QMS system. You can contact us if you are seeking help with your QMS system. 

If you are interested in shorter seminars, you can take a look at our online seminars here.

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