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About BluePoint Scholastic

BluePoint Scholastic began its journey in 2021 in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, with partners Henrik Petersen and Charlotte Skjald. Both have an extensive background in education as well as the maritime field. We have been living abroad for many years, and have worked in different international environments over the years. 

We are educational consultants working with maritime educational institutions all over the world, helping these institutions deliver their maritime education and training.

Our clients are based in the Middle East, South America, and in Europe. 

As our clients are in so many different areas of the world, they all have different needs. We are open-minded and listen to our clients, to find the best solutions for them.

We always focus on the students, in our work. Students are the prime clients of any educational institution. We have a holistic approach to education and believe that if an institution is running smoothly, your students will perform better. We care for the student's well-being, which shines through when we support managers and teachers. 

When we approach a project, we strive to have transparency in our work, and we strive to have an open and honest dialogue with our clients. We work within the national laws and regulations and we ask of our clients to work towards this as well. 

We believe in lifelong education, and that education is for everyone. 

Meet Us

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